Ideal Socks Const. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Nesat was founded in 2003 by Özcan. Bayrampaşa-started its operations in Istanbul and quickly production capacity and product quality, product variety has higher levels. Sangiacomo brand computerized machines in the production of socks is Italian origin. Ideal Socks deysi own brand products provide customers with the label. It also prepares the products on-site in the world following the latest fashion trends. Ideal Hosiery Company Management II.Progeny Oguz ÖZCAN individuals, and Onur Özcan Özcan by Gökmen successfully maintained peace. 

OUR VISION customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, an approach that is based on the technological developments in the availability and sharing of an organization committed to being a leader in the industry "VISION" is committed.

MISSION also within the framework of this vision that we set our customers, employees, and value-added resource to our country to become a model organization ourselves, "MISSION" have acquired.


Mutual trust 
Always be open to all sorts of development 
based on customer satisfaction to get 
continuity in quality 
and timely delivery of the conditions demanded by the customer's 
environment to work, qualifications and continuous improvement opportunities


Market as an ideal Socks "Customer Satisfaction" by providing the highest quality products to provide continuity.

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